© CardGroup Thailand Co Ltd Products Awards International company No risk, You only pay for what you sell ! Consignment All stock of greeting cards and gift packaging are placed in your retail outlet on consignment. Displays and spinners are available free on loan. Pay for what you sell You only have to pay for greeting cards and gift packaging products that have been sold. There is no risk involved for unsold products. This means an improved cash flow as you pay us after that your customers have paid you. Free merchandising service At our regular merchandising visits we will count the products you have sold, refill the pockets and baghooks with new products and refresh the displays or spinners. There is no work involved for you. After this has been done we give you an invoice for the products that have been sold. High profit margin You have very attractive margins, which is a real profit. There are no other costs involved except purchase costs for the products you have sold. Contact us for more information. Awatsada Lekphoon Marketing Manager awatsada@cardgroupthailand.com